Harvey Harris, a member of LSU School of Art Faculty from 1967-1982, made a significant impact on the scope and breath of the Fine Art Program during his tenure at the university. Realizing fine art was his passion from a young age, Harris held a relentless pursuit throughout his life to develop and study his hand at art making. His education began at the Hartford Art School and led him to Kansas City and later to a practicing artist in New York. Living and working in Connecticut in the 1950’s Harris’ further expanded his knowledge through mentorship during his time at Yale guided by masters like Josef Albers and Williem de Kooning. This was a pivotal turning point for the artist and led him to discover his love of teaching. After receiving his Master of Fine Art from Yale, Harris accepted a position at Louisiana State University where he began a pillar in the art community and influenced a generation of young artists. 

“In the year 1921, when I was aged six, I attended first grade…at Christmas time of that year, my teacher gave me the most wonderful of all gifts­­-a large sheaf of drawing paper and a large box filled with waxed crayons. She had observed that I would rather make drawings above all else. My life as an artist began at that moment, in that one room school house so long ago.” 

— Harvey Harris