STUDIO PROCESS: Jacqueline Dee Parker
New York native, Jacqueline Dee Parker, has called the South her home for the last three decades. Her work employs her knowledge of process and collage along with her practice of poetry.
STUDIO PROCESS: Kathleen Lemoine
Baton Rouge-based artist, Kathleen Lemoine, joins the gallery with a bold installation based on her newest series of work focusing on color and geometry.
Elise Morris is a full-time painter working in her home studio in California. She creates layered atmospheric works on canvas and paper that are inspired by the natural environment around her.
Morgan City native, Demond Matsuo, has created his identifiable mark inspired by historical research and his global travels. Using collage as his primary medium, the artists creates work influenced by myth and folklore.
Studio Process: Maura Segal
Maura Segal creates colorful minimalist paintings that start with a process of collage and layering. Working out of her California studio, Maura creates work that is inspired by her background in graphic design and textile.
STUDIO PROCESS: Mary Singleton
Baton Rouge-native, Mary Singleton, pulls her inspiration from shapes and colors of the natural world. Now living in New Orleans, she uses the flora and fauna of the city to create highly colored paintings.
STUDIO PROCESS: David Humphreys
Artist David Humphreys uses photography as a tool to create unique works of art. He thinks the most accurate description of how he approaches his work was given to him by fellow artist Lisa Qualls, "...You are a Nouveau Naturalist".
Studio Process: Ida Floreak
Boston native and New Orleans-based artist, Ida Floreak, discusses the inspiration behind her paintings and the evolution of her detailed oil paintings.
Rachel has been a practicing visual artist for over 30 years beginning with her time as a professional modern dancer working alongside noteworthy choreographers and performers across the country. She now resides in a small town outside of Seattle where she's able to create her work full time. 
April Exhibition: Karoline Schleh
"I have worked with fumage techniques for over 25 years, and while it is a tricky medium to work with, the subtleties cannot be achieved any other way." - Karoline Schleh
Characters and Hidden Meanings With Joshua Chambers
New artworks from Louisiana native, Joshua Chambers, are now available. Click to read about his "happily odd" artworks!
Meredith Pardue's New Work
See Issuubook for latest works from Pardue's Be The Light series
Susan Robert at Georgia Museum of Art
Ann Connelly Fine Art Artist, Susan Robert, displays two grid paintings for the Georgia Museum of Art.
Ann Connelly Fine Art and Kenneth Brown Design host LSU Ceramics Pop-up
LSU Ceramic Art students, who also comprise the Ceramics Factory, worked to design and produce original functional ceramic works for an exhibition hosted by Ann Connelly Fine Art and Kenneth Brown Design on November 15, 2019.
Carlos Ramirez – Artist Process and the Natural World
"The essence of my work is exploring the beauty that is present in the natural world. In this process I take in what draws me to nature and bring it back to the canvas via my own voice." - Carlos Ramirez
Stephen Wilson's Luxury Series will be showcased at our Fall Soirée on October 17th
Conceptual artist Stephen Wilson's education of textile-based techniques began with a freelance career in New York's Garment Industry of the 90's.
Neon Sculptor Nate Sheaffer Adds a Modern Touch to Classic Objects
Ann Connelly Fine Art featured artist, Nate Sheaffer, brings a newfound energy to found objects through his electrifying neon tubing and glass-blowing technique.
August Retrospective Celebrating Artist Billie Bourgeois
Billie Bourgeois showcases her newest work this August at Ann Connelly Fine Art
Studio Visit with Artist Demond Matsuo
Artist Demond Matsuo invites us into his studio to catch a glimpse into his signature process of collage and mixed media.
Welcoming New Artist Gwen Gunter
Ann Connelly Fine Art welcomes Gwen Gunter of Atlanta, GA with a splash show this June
Ryan Cobourn, Audubon Park Series Exhibition May 8th
Ryan Cobourn’s gestural abstract paintings are based on memories and experiences of the figure, the landscape, and the garden.
Honoring Harvey Harris, 1915-1999
Exhibition held at Ann Connelly Fine Art from March 28th-April 18th
Simon Kef (KEF!) in Baton Rouge
International muralist from Berlin, Germany visits Baton Rouge, LA to paint at Overpass Merchant
Meditation Art Wall Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center
Healing Arts Program at Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center Artist Steve Wilson

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