Lisa di Stefano

Lisa di Stefano


Lisa di Stefano's work employs subtle details, respectful suggestions, and rousing palettes. A Baton Rouge native, she often chooses the nature of Louisiana as the subject of her paintings.  For her “Nest” series, Di Stefano uses bowerbirds as the inspiration for her abstract designs. Bowerbirds are a unique species of bird native to Australia in which the male builds elaborate “bowers” or “nests” out of colorful found objects such as dried flowers, fruit, shells and even blue bottle cap tops. Essentially, the most beautiful, colorful nest will help a male attract the most desirable female mate.


In her study, Di Stefano remarked: “When I heard the story of the bowerbird, I was so inspired by their use of color and how they built nests and curated them. When I saw a photo of a nest and the landscaping, I immediately saw my first painting. I am obsessed with color, so I related with their creations.”

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