Heidi Lanino

Heidi Lanino

Working across a broad range of mediums and materials, Heidi Lanino’s pieces are characterized by her mastery of expressive line, a deep interest in kinesthetic form and the notion of liminal space. Her work is also firmly connected within the realm of art and cultural history, seen in her master’s series, paintings paying tribute to works of the past and how they inform the present. Her latest series of works, Folded Females, are made intuitively using paper or metal, folded with an adept sensibility to create a portrait of woman portraying both strength and vulnerability in their various forms. Referencing classical sculpture, these Folded Females are an expanded self-portrait, not only exploring questions about accepted ideals of beauty but the process of unfolding and folding of oneself in response to each moment of the human, lived experience.


"Working across a broad range of mediums and materials, my rhythmic compositions are composed of colored figurative abstract forms. I work in charcoal, oil and acrylic on paper, canvas, and clay, focusing on figural abstraction. Movement is both part of my process and my product. The female remains the focus. She is a vessel, a vehicle, and reflection of our times. Improvisation, intuition, and impulse are essential to my process. For me drawing is a form of performance, and intimate activity of looking within to project out." - Heidi Lanino

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