Demond Matsuo

Demond Matsuo

Demond’s work is born of the intense study of subjects in books. He has studied Japanese histories, African histories, Japanese gods, African gods, and mythologies of many cultures. He studied their textiles—the intricate embroidery of Japanese samurai hakama, geisha kimonos and African kente cloths. Demond has studied their poetry which helped him fill in where the mythologies left off. He has learned of heroes in the Tales of the Genji, the Tales of the Heike, the Mahabharata and all the myths, tales of the African god Oshun, the about the exploits of Ogun and Chango. "I found the best way to learn about other people was to study their mythologies; the qualities their heroes had are the qualities they aspired to as mortals."



Demond Matsuo Artist Feature May 2020


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