Edward Pramuk

Docking 3001 (For Arthur C. Clarke), 2021
Acrylic and Collage on Paper
22.50 x 30.50 in
Docking 3001 (for Arthur C. Clarke) is my excursion into science fiction. I imagined a close encounter of two spaceships of unknown origin somewhere in a galaxy of distant time. (Both crafts feature interlocking planes and a few free-form elements) I avoided the severe metallic spaceships seen in most popular planetary sagas, but, instead explored whimsical varicolored structures. I dream of a future where anti-gravitational systems, or possibly iridium laced solar hyper-fusions are in use. In that case, external thrusters are not required to move through the universe. (No overt weaponry either) For now, what interests me is the color interaction between two galactic vessels within hailing distance of each other. (Both are cloaked in color-coded patterns to send signals to each other) At least that is how I envision them from here on earth in 2021. Note: One of the spaceships is 10,000 years old.